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Aisha M - Psychic Medium 


"She has a God given gift and truly cares about helping people with it. She is compassionate and will honestly guide you. No tricks needed! With a bright, warm smile and friendly conversation, you'll be so at ease talking with Aisha that you'll leave wanting a hug and your next appointment!"

Cynthia Chavarria 

Aisha is a gifted Psychic and Medium with over 20 years of experience. 


 Her abilities were passed down from  her mother, who was also very intuitive. She encouraged her to develop her psychic abilities at a very young age. 


Aisha’s psychic development was always viewed as a gift that has allowed her to connect with spirit and receive messages of love and healing .


She believes our past, present, and future are mapped out.  Her gifts are a blessing that help guide people on their journey which brings an amazing peace to clients.  

Aisha offers Readings and Mediumship on a wide range of topics to include Life, Love, Career,  and Relationships. 


When scheduling an appointment with Aisha you will have the option to choose an In-Person, Telephone or Video Conferencing Reading. All readings are quality therefore, there is absolutely no difference in the caliber of reading that you will receive from any of the above options.  


 As always *ALL READINGS and MEDIUMSHIP are a 100% confidential!

"Aisha is a remarkable woman and certainly one of the most powerful healers I have ever met. The private sessions we have had, have made a lifetime impression on me. The things she shares and sees are profound, giving great insight into the past and future, allowing for much healing, connection to loved ones and joy to look forward to. The time you spend with her is priceless."

- Emi Navas

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