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She is strikingly powerful! She is insightful, kind, gentle, and moving. She read my career, my love life, and future path in one well done session. It came to her & flowed so beautifully. She gave me insight that I will find somebody who is on the same frequency & will fulfill me romantically. I will have someone, not just anyone. She told me I will have a career change & that it will allow me the opportunity to travel. I never told her I had been worried about my job, but she felt my energy & voiced my every concern without me saying anything. It was amazing! She then let me know I will have an opening to move in the future, which I never conceived of, & assured me my family would not only be supportive, but would do well even in my absence. I was then floored by what she said next. She said my grandfather was coming through to her. This woman, hundreds of miles away, talking to me over the phone, proceeded to describe my grandfather so perfectly it left me in tears. I never ONCE mentioned him, said he had passed, or anything along those lines, & she shared his presence with me. The session ended in tears of joy, relief, and gratitude. There is no one I've seen more powerful than she is, nor has anyone been so accurate. Thank you, Aisha, for being the amazing soul you are & for helping me! I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking truth, guidance, & let them know that she is the genuine oracle.

In life, we need a team to weather its ups and downs. The team could consist of a best friend, a therapist, family members, mentors, or medical professionals. It is imperative that you add the metaphysical gifts of Aisha to your team to ensure it is truly complete. She can meet you right where you are with your situation and stand in it with you during her readings. Her amazing ability to read on both a personal level and through a higher plane leaves you feeling heard on all levels. Aisha’s empathetic and knowledgeable approach gives just the right amount of a no-nonsense, yet deep-thinking guidance, especially in a moment of crisis or indecision. She and the guides she consults have pulled me through some tough moments and I am so very grateful. She is love and light…and a treasure.

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